How to Foster Value with Our Teaching

Identify and capitalize on students’ attitudes and self-perceptions, and find ways to discover their interests, goals, beliefs, and concerns.

  • Express enthusiasm and wonder for topics of study.
  • Create interest during instruction through novelty and surprise.
  • Include students in creating meaning.
  • Draw connections between the content and its practical applications.
  • Use familiar examples.  When defining inertia, you might say, “You know how people and things in the car keep moving forward when you slam on the brakes?”
  • Make learning emotionally compelling through telling stories.
  • Make content relevant to students’ families, communities, and cultures.
  • Convey the purpose of what and how students are learning.  In addition to knowing how the concepts they’re learning matter, students also need to understand how inquiry and study skills will benefit them in the future.

Shumow & Schmidt


Anthony Moyer, Ed.D