Snow Make up Days: February 13, April 2, April 6, June 9, & June 10, 2015

Dear Parents and Staff,

We have now used seven snow days this year. The school calendar included two (2) built-in snow days and the next five designated make-up days were listed as Friday, February 13, Thursday, April 2, Monday, April 6, Tuesday, June 9 and Wednesday, June 10. Therefore, school will now be in session on those five days for all K-12 students and staff.

If another make-up day is needed, we will use Thursday, June 11.

February 13 (used – school in session)
April 2 (used – school in session)
April 6 (used – school in session)
June 9 (used – school in session)
June 10 (used – school in session)
June 11
June 12 and into the following week if needed


Michael Schilder

The Willow Lane Newspaper

This electronic “paper” is completely student-created and produced. It is written by students, about students, for students.  Enjoy the latest versions of our newspaper by clicking on the links below!

Willow Lane Newspaper – 3rd Edition

Willow Lane Newspaper – 4th Edition.  This “paper” features an article about the Super Bowl, more information about the Trout in the Classroom project, reporting on both the recent spelling bee and read-a-thon, a creative piece on computer etiquette, some submissions from non-club member fifth graders, and a special Willow Lane Newspaper Club exclusive: an interview with the East Penn Superintendent, Dr. Schilder about how school cancellations are determined.

Willow Lane Newspaper – 5th Edition.  This 5th edition (Spring) of the newspaper has articles about St. Patrick’s secret, how one teacher’s (Mrs. Mauro) class has used the newspaper for a blogging project, first grade poetry movie, PJ Pancake dinner, information about the 5th grade volleyball all-star game, some exemplary fifth grade work, a movie about the third grade’s Easter Egg Hunt, and some incredible gifted student poetry, along with a poem about the PSSAs written by myself and a touching poem written by Willow Lane’s Mr. John.  Enjoy!

EPSD Summer Fitness Camp 2015

Fitness camp is a five-week program available for students entering grades 1-6. The camp will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from July 7 through August 6 at Willow Lane Elementary. Parents/Guardians will have to provide their own transportation.

There will be two sessions:

  • Session 1– 9:30-11:00 a.m.
  • Session 2– 11:15 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.

Click here to view Summer Fitness Camp Flyer