Snow Make up Days: February 13, April 2, April 6, & June 9, 2015

Dear Parents and Staff,

We have now used six snow days this year. The school calendar included two (2) built-in snow days and the next four designated make-up days were listed as Friday, February 13, Thursday, April 2, Monday, April 6, and Tuesday, June 9. Therefore, school will now be in session on those four days for all K-12 students and staff.

If another make-up day is needed, we will use Wednesday, June 10.

February 13 (used – school in session)
April 2 (used – school in session)
April 6 (used – school in session)
June 9 (used – school in session)
June 10
June 11
June 12 and into the following week if needed


Michael Schilder

February School Meeting

Please be advised that our school meetings are scheduled in accordance to the 5 day cycle.  Due to recent snow days, our February 6th afternoon meeting is now pushed back to Thursday, February 12th, at 2:30 pm.

Should there be any more school closings due to weather between now and then, please check back for updates.