Eyer – Teacher of the Month

The “Teacher of the Month” program is an initiative at Eyer Middle School designed to provide students, parents and staff an unique opportunity to acknowledge and honor outstanding teachers. Teachers can be nominated by staff, parents, or students by completing an online (click here for the link) or paper form (paper forms are available outside of the Guidance Office). The Principal and Assistant Principal will select a winner each month, based on the best nomination(s).

All teacher nominees will receive a copy of their nomination(s) each month. Nominations for each month must be submitted by the following dates:

October – October 24, 2014
November – November 21, 2014
December – December 19, 2014
January – January 23, 2015
February – February 20, 2015
March – March 20, 2015
April - April 24, 2015
May – May 22, 2015

The winning teacher will receive a certificate and have their name displayed on the WALL OF ACHIEVEMENT in the school. They will also receive their very own “Teacher of the Month” parking space out in front of the building. The teacher will be able to park in this assigned space until the next “Teacher of the Month” is announced.