Snow Make up Days: February 13, April 2, April 6, June 9, & June 10, 2015

We used seven snow days this year. The school calendar included two (2) built-in snow days and the next five designated make-up days were listed as Friday, February 13, Thursday, April 2, Monday, April 6, Tuesday, June 9 and Wednesday, June 10.  Therefore, school will now be in session on those five days for all K-12 students and staff and the last day of school will be Wednesday, June 10.

Mr. Ketcham Named Eyer Teacher of the Month for April!

Congratulations to Mr. Ketcham on being named Eyer’s Teacher of the Month for April. There were many teachers nominated by students, parents and staff. Please take time to recognize and nominate a teacher who has gone above and beyond to help support students.

Teachers can be nominated by staff, parents, or students by completing an online (click here for the link) or paper form (paper forms are available outside of the Guidance Office).

All teacher nominees will receive a copy of their nomination(s) each month. Nominations for each month must be submitted by the following dates:

May – May 22, 2015

The winning teacher will receive a certificate and have their name displayed on the WALL OF ACHIEVEMENT in the school. They will also receive their very own “Teacher of the Month” parking space out in front of the building.